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Sunday, 11 October 2015

The first steps ....

'Are you feeling fit yet?' - That was the interesting question Janet asked me yesterday when I returned from my (almost) daily run. The answer is 'not yet', but I'm glad to be starting.

I'm one week into my 9 month mission to run the Lakeland Trails 'Ultimate Trails 110km challenge', which will take part on July 2nd in 2016. I've not done anything like this before so am both excited and worried at the same time, but am determined to see it through as well. I have some good reasons for doing it, which will help and which I'll get into as this blog progresses. At the moment though, there's a lot to think about and learn, one of which is how blogs work as I've not done one of these before either .....

It's all about the running

So let's keep it simple for the moment and note how the first week of running has gone. The first thing I've learnt would be that if you're going to do something like this, get a plan. I have done a little road running in the past and even ran a half marathon once, but always went out training on an ad-hoc basis. This generally results in not going out at all quite a lot, which you can sort of get away with for a shorter event but I really don't think is going to do if you want to run 68 miles. So, one week ago I sat down and worked out what I'd do every day between now and the actual race. It's all up for negotiation and alteration, but I'm already finding having a structure is getting me out there.

Secondly, I'd recommend not getting too excited and overdoing it .... After the planning I headed out for my first training run on a trail near me. A little way along I met another runner coming in from a side path. He'd done similar events, so I ran alongside chatting to him and thinking to myself 'This is ok, I'm keeping up well, aren't I great ...'. I ended up going further and faster than planned and then paid for it the next day when my legs almost seized up, it was painful to go up and down the stairs and I had to duck out of my planned run for the day. Not a great confidence booster!

Anyway, a week in and I'm feeling better. Similar distance yesterday and the legs are ok today. I'm on the way!

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